Home Fellowships

The Vision:

Home Fellowships are our intentional approach to community and discipleship within the church body. These home-based community groups are a place to learn about the Bible, build accountability, and build friendships—a place to build life together. They are the way in which we can gather under the Word of God and then scatter for the mission of God. Home Fellowships are a place to call home.  Next to Bible teaching, prayer, and worship, they are the most important thing we do.

Home Fellowships are:

  • An arena for discussing and applying the Scripture's principles, and ideas from the Bible at Calvary Chapel Klamath Falls as taught weekly during our regular services.
  • Devoted to helping God’s people put biblical principles into action.
  • Are Scripture-based. This means the major points of discussion and Bible study each week are based on the text taught recently from the pulpit.
  • Intended to be casual home meetings, where people have the opportunity to get acquainted in an informal setting.
  • A place for relationships, application, prayer.
  • Worship, whether musical or reading from the Psalms is encouraged.
  • Designed to meet the practical needs of the body and the community at large.


We meet Sundays. 

Meeting dates and times vary by individual Home Fellowship group.

Please contact individual Home Fellowship group leader or host for specific dates and times.


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Groups (click on a name <where available> below to send email):

1Rick and Charlotte (Shady Pine)   Meets at 5:30pm and is open to all

2. Randy and Sandy (Pacific Terrace)   Meets at 6:00pm and is open to all

3. Dale and Kim (Airport)   Meets at 6:30pm and open to all

4Russ and Cassandra (Henley)    Meets at 6:00 -- College age/young adult only

5Jeff and Rene' (Keno / Clover Creek Road)   Meets at 4:00pm and open to all

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